So Yesterday morning, the boyfriend (not My ex boyfriend :)) and...

So Yesterday morning, the boyfriend (not My ex boyfriend :)) and I decided to visit our lovely friends Bart and Jolijn who recently started a new #coffee and lunchbar in #Mechelen called ‘De Noen’.

We know them because last year we received a call from Jolijn who explained us how they wanted to start a new #company (they are already owners of the fabulous ’#Eiskreem delivery service’. Check the link here=> and that since they are 'beginner-#entrepreneurs’ just like us if we wouldn’t be interested in co-working she asked us.

And since we love #co-workings we decided to say yes! (And they are also just really,really nice people so “hello new friends” we thought! :))

Now one (small) year later ’#Noen’ is a fact! And what kind of a fact!
This #lunchbar is completely My Ex Boyfriend- Style! (Although all credits go to Jolijn for her fabulous style!) 

The #schoolchairs (who were painted white), the #mintgreen table #trestles by #Masterandmaster and all the things they designed themselves (Togheter with the handyman (or should we say Supermen?) Tim and Maarten) (like the table tops/ the #cupboard behind the bar/ The bar itself , the Wifi board are genius … !!!)

In the bathroom we delivered a super nice commode which they turned into bathroom sink/furniture piece! °Love is in the air°

In the meanwhile (after I went crazy on their interior) we received our breakfast! WOOOWWW. Supernice! Great croissants, toast, yoghurt, muesli, fresh orange juice and 100 (slightly exaggerating) different kinds of jam! => Great job Bart!!!

If you want more info about this amazing place! 
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ontact details=
Leermarkt 24 2800 Mechelen

Opening Hours:
Mon-Sun: 9am-6pm closed on Tuesday.