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We are here, finally! South Africa, i have missed you so much!...

We are here, finally!  South Africa, i have missed you so much! :)

After a very stressful & busy Christmas period in our shop we are delighted to relax a little bit…

We decided to go to Capetown this year. <3

6 Years ago i did a voluntary project here, I stayed here for 3 months back then.
The project was all about keeping kids of the street and we did this by giving them surfing lessons! (But more about that later on our blog!)

I’m quiet delighted to be here again now. Really, a piece of my heart belongs to Capetown.

This time we are staying in this wonderfull Airbnb located in Tamboerskloof, near Kloofstreet. One of my favorite shopping streets in CT! 

Want more info about our stay?

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We couldn’t decide on what to do today, so we started our day...

We couldn’t decide on what to do today, so we started our day with just driving around a little bit. (Los Angeles is really a need-a-car-city by the way…)

We started with driving thru Beverly Hills. Afterwards we followed Sunset Blvd & ended up at Santa Monica beach. We first visited the ‘Pier’.

At the end of the Pier we were taking pictures of Beau while suddenly a group of ‘hysterical’ Japanese girls were freaking out about our daughter. Beau didn’t really understood what was happening so she just started smiling - what made them more crazy. Our group of fans asked if they could take a few selfies - surrounders started looking at us as if we were famous - … Which was kinda funny actually ! :-) 

Afterwards we had a long walk on Santa Monica beach.

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