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My visit to the Kif Kef home.

My visit to the Kif Kef home.

Discover my -part 1- of my visit to the Kif Kef home. Sumeyye Ata, the girlboss behind Kif Kef is one of the most creative women I know in the interior business. 5 years ago she started with her own webshop Kif Kef, famous for it’s ‘bars chairs’. At that time she lived in Mortsel (Antwerp) with her husband and little boy. The two of them renovated their little home and sold it. Their first home was already a huge Pinterest hit so the signs pointed to a bigger succes when they decided to buy a new -much bigger- home in Antwerp. They renovated & seperated the house in 4 levels. Level 0 = The Kif Kef Studio Level 1 = The home Level 2 = The Kif Kef Appartement (Airbnb/ rental accommodation) Level 3 = The Kif Kef Loft (Also rental place) The renovation has been huge and most impressive part is they did most of it themselves. (Really, still don’t know where they found or will find the time in the future… especially if you know they also have twins now. (1,5yrs old) & a little boy 4yrs old.

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Wallpaper / wallpaper // wallpaper /// These days you can find...

Wallpaper / wallpaper // wallpaper ///

These days you can find amazing wallpapers and since we don’t sell them in our shop but give an amazing vibe to your interior we decided to write a post about them. 

1.  (Belgium)
Asanderus, unlike most of the European wall paper brands, Asanderus is a brand name from the Belgian weaving company Calcutta NV: the oldest weaving mill that is still producing its entire product range in Belgium!”
The wallpapers are really nice and give your interior a fancy/ chique vibe. Perfect to combine with vintage design objects and dark wood in a baroque or antique interior style. (Belgium)
Ms Flash. This young couple Jolien and Joachim decided to start a small online webshop with funky, flashy and hip new wallpapers. If we would have lots and lots of cash we would definitely redecorate our bedroom like the one on the pictures! Supernice!!!
The wallpapers are perfect to combine with a scandinavian home and vintage furniture with light coloured wood/ metal or even industrial style.  (Belgium)

Funkywalls. Another young couple who decided to start a business! Funkywalls have amazing retro inspired wallpapers but also have really nice magnetic wallpapers! We love love love the bird or giraffe wallpaper!
Ideal to create a ‘one wall’ piece in your room. Perfectly to combine with light, dark and metal vintage pieces.

4. (Germany/Holland)

Studio Lilesadi was founded in 2011 by German textile designer Dinah Smutny and her sister Sarah, who has a background in Marketing.

Creating original textiles, wallpapers, posters and other interior products they aim to bring minimalism and poesy in the homes of people. The main focus is playful creating based on pleasure and joy.

Originally from Germany, Dinah and Sarah run the studio in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. 
Perfect wallpapers for Scandinavian and white-lover homes also great wallpapers for babyrooms. Ideal to combine with a lot of white vintage pieces and light colored wood. (Holland)
Zilverblauw a blog, home, shop, and everything else!

If you don’t know them already, go check them out! This creative mom Anki has a passion for life, music, photography, interior, home and everything else actually. They recently designed these amazing wallpapers. The wallpapers are really light so for all those 'i don’t dare to do something to drastic in my home peoples’ these wallpapers are a perfect option. 
Perfectly to combine with metal, light and darker wood and plastic vintage items.

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