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Our second day on the road… We left this morning after a walk to...

Our second day on the road… We left this morning after a walk to the beach in Carmel-by-the-sea. A very beautiful village in a bay by the ocean. On our way South on highway 1 we -again-had some spectacular views. The views made us think of something in between middle earth & kings landing. Just before the village ‘San Simeon’ we saw some sea-elephants chillin’ on the beach. We made a stop and discovered a lot of these sea creatures who are just crashing here before they head back to Alaska. It was a beautiful sight to see and while we were here we decided to give lunch to Beau. A little squirrel decided to join us. (Turned out the squirrel was a master cheater in getting food from people…) Afterwards we drove a few miles again and stopped at our motel in Morro Bay. Since we were hungry we went to a Mac Donalds. (We had to visit one now we were in the land of uncle Donald …) I made a few jokes about 'a quarter pounder with cheese -Pulp Fiction- and afterwards we decided to go to bed early.

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On thursday our first part of our holiday -our stay in San...

On thursday our first part of our holiday -our stay in San Francisco- already came to an end.
From here the mission was to head down with our rental car and ‘roadtrip’ to L.A.

Highway 1 / the road that we are taking South is so beautiful. It’s near the pacific ocean so we have had some spectacular views already. 

For this day we made a little stop in Monterey.
Here we visited the Fishermans warf en further down we took the ’17 mile drive’. When visiting this village, please do this drive. It has so many wonderfull ocean, mountain, hill & animal views, it’s unbelievable!!!

Later we stopped in Carmel-by-the-sea where we would spend our night in ‘the Green Lantern village’. In the evening we had dinner in 'Affina’. (Where the food was wonderful!!!)

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This weekend we went to ‘De Invasie van Antwerpen’ (#Diva16) at...

This weekend we went to ‘De Invasie van Antwerpen’ (#Diva16) at Kattendijkdok in Antwerp.

It’s an exposition of upcoming talented creatives (-furniture, illustration, fashion, interior, jewellery…-designers) who are ready to conquer the world, or let’s say Belgium to begin with.
We saw some really nice designs and met some interesting people.

Almost 2,5 years ago we had the idea of designing and producing a furniture-line ourselves. At the same time a mutual friend introduced us to Ruben Deriemaeker, a very talented furniture designer, creator & maker.

After multiple brainstorms & meetings and after a lot of trial & errors… (not with Ruben!) We were very proud to see our very first object (the #Bam_nat coffeetable) at the venue! 
(// if you want to know more!)

Afterwards we hit the road to start our roadtrip-holiday to Copenhagen! First stop; Hamburg!
During our drive, we listened to the ‘Lost in the dream’ War on Drugs album and while the sun set and our daughter made ‘merry cooing’ sounds I realised how happy i am with my life.

I posted a picture on Facebook and somebody replied 'At moments like these you realise that the little things matter in life’… And in the blink of an eye I thought, little things? Little things? These are the biggest things I can imagin!

Much bigger then I ever could have imagined. ️

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