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Behind the maker workshop by House Raccoon @ The Co Lab

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Behind the maker workshop by House Raccoon @ The Co Lab

It's WORKSHOP time!

Caro Cabus

Creating your own Terrazzo coasters with House Raccoon sounds promising right?

Terrazzo is the design trend of this moment. 
It's some sort of mosaic material composed of chips of broken stones, usually marble, and cement that is polished for a smooth look and feel.

Everybody loves these little speckles in their interior and we must admit, 
we are a big fan of them too (Maybe you've seen already the Terrazzo bags by WOUF last year? Or the Terrazzo mirrors by Hubsch on our website?

But we know you guys want to make it even more fun, so we teamed up with House Raccoon for a workshop on how to make your own terrazzo coasters. 
House Raccoon is a big hit in our shop and it’s the brand of sweet couple. Anneleen and Nathan. They started in October 2017 with their own creations and grew into a well- known brand with a focus on design and nature.

And it’s impossible not to love them. (REALLY !)

They are funny, passionate, environment friendly and they create the most beautiful terrazzo pieces. You can find all of them on our website or in our Myexboyfriendstore.

Their approach during the workshop is so easy-going that you feel like a true genius the minute you start creating.  When you are in doubt of your design, they'll help you figure out which colours to

choose and they'll cheer you on while you are scrubbing your coaster. Some might say this workshop felt like a workout. The workshop resulted in a lot of laughter, comparing designs and, as you can see, very beautiful coasters. 

Afterwards everyone could take their beautiful coasters home in a cute little box. Your personalised coaster even has a name 'Lucy'! A few more 'DID YOU KNOW' facts about these My Ex Boyfriend makers! 

-> House Raccoon plants a tree for every item they sell? 
-> They cooperate with a social workplace called Mivas? So every piece is completely hand made! IN BELGIUM!

Are you sad you missed this workshop? We totally get that!

But don’t worry, just make sure to stay tuned for the next editions.

We’ve got a head full of ideas.

Shop all House Raccoon items SHOP HOUSE RACCOON..