Wave lamp paper and wood pastel blue


Product Details

The Wave lamp is the latest design by Studio Snowpuppe
It is made from Snowpuppe's 2 favorite materials: paper and wood.

Nellianna and Kenneth got inspired by their walks on the beach to design a wave shaped lampshade.
While looking at the waves at sea we wanted to design a lamp that is able to bring the feeling of a fresh sea in your living room.

The lamp is available in 5 subtle pastel colors, that give a warm touch to the color of the light. 
The colors have been screenprinted on white paper. So the inside of the lampshade is white.

The Wave lamp is made of sheets of paper that are attached to a wooden ring.
The overlapping sheets make the color of the paper more intense at the spot of the overlap.
This gives a beautiful effect during the day as well as during the night.

The dimensions of this lampshade are:
-26 cm / 10,2 inch height; 
-40 cm / 15,7 inch diameter.
Designed by Kenneth and Nellianna
Delivery terms 2-4 weeks

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