Meet the makers of our kitchen - Atelier Nerf. Some time ago we...

Meet the makers of our kitchen - Atelier Nerf.

Some time ago we made an Instastory about our home & because we wanted to show our followers the house we finally found (after searching for more then 2 years…)

I ended the movie with our kitchen & the need for some new doors because I really hated the blue kitchen doors we had at that time. I asked if somebody knew somebody for our new kitchendoors & this guy responded … (didn’t knew him at the time ) Suggesting he wanted to help us out with our kitchen issues.

After a little brainstorm session at our home we planned the renovation during our stay in Valencia so the team could work for 3 days without us interfering all the time.

And so it happened. We came back from a relaxing familyweekend (Check those pictures here!) & we had a brand new super fantastic beautiful superbe new kitchen. Look at the before & after pictures.

The guys made us new kitchendoors in Polish Pine (poolse grenen / poolse den) first they oiled the wood with a white oil & then they gave the wood 2 layers of varnish. We bought a white sink, white inductio cooker & black water tab at ikea. I found the little black leather handles online at

If you want a new kitchen, some interior changes or maybe you have an idea for a piece of furniture… please do contact the guys from Atelier Nerf. We are so happy with the end result!