Yesterday we had a meeting with Valerie Kinoo, the lovely lady...

Yesterday we had a meeting with Valerie Kinoo, the lovely lady behind the coworkingspace ‘les Galeries’ in the Sint-Hubertus galery in the city centre of Brussels. She showed us arround in her lovely, historical space and we talked about potential collaborations for the future. 

Afterwards we went to the car-free zone near ‘La Bourse/de Beurs’. It’s still such a weird feeling of walking there without seeing or (almost) being hit by other cars. We love the car free zone and we strongly believe this car(less) zone is exactly what the city desperately needs but on the other hand we think it’s done ‘op zen Brussels’. A (little) bit chaotic and completely not organised or well-thought. (Which is a shame since this boulevard across our capital could be a beautiful green place with lots of clean air!) 

Since the terrorist attacks of 22.03 the amount of people who visit our lovely city has reached a low point. Hotels, shops and restaurants are organizing all kinds of campaigns to bring back the tourists and we thought a blogpost about our favourite street in our beloved city would be a nice idea.

So here it is, rue des chartreux/ Karthuizerstraat! What a wonderfull street with so many beautiful shops and buildings! Do you know this street already? 
If you want to spend some money on decoration items, mens wear, vintage clothes, childrens clothes or furniture then these are the shops you should visit.

Hunting & collecting
 // Blender01 // Heureux // Pepin La Lune 

We adore these shops and they have created a nice atmosphere in this street next to the big ‘Rue-Dansaert-Straat’!

Love for BXL // <3XL