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Candle Set - Dip Dye Candles Pastell Edition

Candle Set - Dip Dye Candles Pastell Edition


Whether as a gift for a birthday or Christmas, as a souvenir for the summer party or any other invitation. My hand dyed dip dye candles are a wonderful way to gift your friends and family. Now also available in a set of 6. 

Each candle is unique, but always dyed with love and passion by me in my studio in Munich. The color intensity, the color gradient and the order of the candles can vary. The packaging is reusable. 

Colors: beige - pastel red | lilac - peach | pink - light blue

Size: 6 candles | height 18 cm | width: 2.2 cm

burning time: approx. 6,5 hours each