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Chair - Sture
Chair - Sture
Chair - Sture
Chair - Sture
Chair - Sture
Chair - Sture
Chair - Sture
Chair - Sture

Chair - Sture


Light Blue
Sture is the result of a new collaboration between us at Stolab and Mathieu Gustafsson. Mathieu's idea behind Sture was to create a piece of furniture based on Stolab's history, know-how and production environment. To find ways of realising a Windsor-style chair that felt right for the times, made using advanced production technology to create soft lines and detail. Details that totally give Sture its own, clear identity. A lot of time has, for instance, gone into ensuring that the transition from seat to back is as aesthetically pleasing as possible. We also see Sture as perfect for expressing our love for solid wood. The Sture chair and armchair are made from solid oak and have been designed to work well in any setting.


Width: 45 cm
Height: 79 cm
Depth: 52 cm
Seat depth: 41 cm
Seat height: 45 cm
Delivery: 8 weeks
Different woods, surface treatments & colors available! Send an email to for pricing or extra details. Or step by in our store to check out the samples.

The price is for the standard model. It wil fluctuate when choosing different materials or colors!