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Candy Scrub & Mask - 50ml
Candy Scrub & Mask - 50ml
Candy Scrub & Mask - 50ml
Candy Scrub & Mask - 50ml

Candy Scrub & Mask - 50ml


 An active peeling and face mask, that effectively releases clogged pores and offers softness and radiance in every skin type, without irritating nad stripping natural moisture.


Powerful peeling that relieves clogged pores without irritating, while revealing a more vibrant complexion.

Strong but gentle skin exfoliating facial product, which also functions as a mask, if applied for longer, effectively removing pollutants & releasing skin’s clogged pores. Its intense, cleansing action leaves the skin smooth & soft, completely removing the dead cells & hardened skin, without altering & disrupting skin’s the natural hydrolipidic film.

Enjoy an instantly smooth, radiant & refreshed skin, without black spots & with less visible pores.

It is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive / dry skin, as it does not cause any irritation.

Non-cometogenic, dermatologically tested, parabens and gluten free.


Active Ingredients
  • Perlite granules: a mineral that is considered a mild but highly effective exfoliating factor, since it does not cause irritation even on sensitive or dry skin
  • Cellulose: a natural particle derived from tree bark and used to enhance the exfoliating action, in a gentle but very effective way
  • Salicylic acid: belongs to the b-hydroxy acids (BHA) & has excellent keratolytic, non-comedogenic and anti-inflammatory action. Its use is highly recommended in oily or acneic skin because -unlike AHA- it can penetrate pores, improve them and reduce black or white spots. In addition, it regulates sebum, improves cell renewal rates and increases collagen production
  • Mushroom Extract: with clinically proven tightening action on dilated pores
  • Montmorillonite Clay: which thanks to its high absorption capacity when in contact with water, it expands and increases its volume, absorbing like a sponge toxins, oiliness and impurities, thus removing them from skin