Dalbane - Concrete (set of 4), Millennial Pink

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Handcrafted coasters for your maybe handcrafted drinks or maybe other handcrafted stuff. Or use it purely as decorative objects on your maybe handcrafted furniture.

Dalbane is a high-quality object, carefully designed and handcrafted in our atelier. Dalbane can be used as a coaster for your drinks, as a display for our other products or for any other object/plant (e.g. an airplant) you see fit. This item is sold as a set of 4. The purchase of one Dalbane set includes the planting of one tree.

Due to its handcrafted character, each object is completely unique and can differ from the shown pictures. Dalbane is sealed but as no sealer is ever 100% protective, it is recommended to wipe off spills as soon as possible to avoid any stains.

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