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Face Mask - Blossom
Face Mask - Blossom
Face Mask - Blossom

Face Mask - Blossom


  • Washable Mouth-and-nose-mask (colour-matched to your SOLSTICE charcoal, EQUINOX or CURATOR backpack).
  • With the purchase of a mask you support local Berlin tailors struggling during COVID-19. As a way to help out during these trying times, we’ve teamed up with small local tailors who have now switched to mask production, as we help to distribute the masks to you.
  • We have found a quick solution to start selling the masks to you. More colours and variations will arrive soon.
  • Note: Masks are not a certified medical product. Face masks are meant only to reduce the risk of infection of your community. Self protection through mouth and nose covering has not yet been proven scientifically, although some experts recommend wearing it. Furthermore, wearing this mask is a great expression of solidarity to your fellow human beings, show your community “I’m wearing this mask for you”.
  • Cotton (Mask)
  •  80% polyester / 20% elastic (Band)
  •  Blossom/Pink
  • One size (for adults)