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Flower / Card Holder - Helena Pearl Grey (Small)

Flower / Card Holder - Helena Pearl Grey (Small)


Helena is a high-quality gypsum composite object. Carefully designed and handcrafted in our Belgian atelier. The purpose of Helena is to spread (dried) flowers and cute cards to as many corners of your home as possible. Why have one big vase with tens of flowers if you can spread these flowers all over your home, right? Helena can also be used perfectly as a propagation station of course! We have a small version that only holds flowers (or anything else like spices, sugar beans etc, a cork is included) and a large version that also holds a card.

Due to its handcrafted character, each object is completely unique and can differ from the shown pictures.The purchase of Helena includes the planting of one tree.

Flowers/leaves not included.
Attention: the tube is made of glass so be careful when unpacking.

Dimensions: 4x4x2,5cm (small) & 18x4x2,5 (large)