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Mango — Bibi Euse
Mango — Bibi Euse
Mango — Bibi Euse
Mango — Bibi Euse

Mango — Bibi Euse

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28 x 40 incl. frame
28 x 40 excl. frame
52.5 x 75 incl. frame
52.5 x 75 excl. frame

Photography print, limited edition of 25 for each size, with label of authenticity

28 cm (width) x 40 cm (height) or 52,5 cm (width) x 75 cm (height)

Mounted in oak frame, painted white or stained dark, no glass

Artwork can be purchased with or without frame

Photographer Bibi Euse was drawn to this scene, in the middle of an isolated island in the Caribbean Sea. During her first visit she fell in love with the place, as many people do: it became her favorite place in Colombia. She promised to go back, and did two weeks later. “I’m a very intense person. I felt that something was calling me, and I went back.”

A kid with learning problems was fascinated with her and her camera, and took her on walks to unknown places. The center of the island is a magical world filled with banana plantations. “It’s probably the calmest walk you can make. You can’t imagine how peaceful that place is, it’s just like shades of greens and blues. When you are in the Caribbean, the skies are very blue. This contrast between the sea and the sky works very beautifully, and when there’s green in between, wow: l always feel like I am on drugs” (laughs). 

“This beauty can be so absorbing. I had the capacity to express that on my picture.” What makes the picture even more special, is the 3D-effect where the leaves come out from the background. Bibi didn’t use flash but shows exactly what she was seeing; only the scorching heat, you’ll have to imagine yourself. “For me it’s one of the most peaceful images. It’s more than a banana tree.”