Xander, Marie & Elton in Sweden!

Behind the scenes at My Ex Boyfriend    Meet our creative customers 

At My Ex Boyfriend, it's all about finding unique, funny and creative gifts that bring a smile to your face and fill you with a sense of extreme contentment!

What truly makes our store and webshop special are not only our unique creators but also the amazing customers who love our quirky products just as much as we do.

That's why we want to take you behind the scenes and introduce you to some of these fantastic people who bring our story to life.

Meet Xander, Marie & Elton; three sweethearts (especially Marie & Elton 😎) with an inspiring story. Their love for stylish and practical products, combined with their creative professions and their love-for-local-lifestyle, makes them the perfect ambassadors for what My Ex Boyfriend stands for! 

Curious to know more? Check out the full interview down below! 👇

Flowers on the Pieter Bruurs table & Yellow curtains in the back

Who are you, what does your current family situation look like & where do you live?

We are Xander, Marie and Elton. We are in our early thirties, got married in 2022, welcomed our first child Elton in June 2023 and live in the city of Mechelen, Belgium! ✩ ✩

What is your occupation & what brings joy into your life?

Xander is a freelance photographer and videomaker at #DeBeeldbakkerij and Marie works at the baby and children's store #AtelierBébé. Additionally, she's a co-founder of #SomethingGreen a circular rental platform for young parents.


What inspires you in daily life? 

We are inspired by what we see and hear around us – on television, in newspapers and through social media. We also draw inspiration from our talented friends and acquaintances. Our home reflects a profound Belgian style.

Glas in lood deur

What makes a house, your home?

As long as we still think, "We really love it here" and "it's so beautiful here." we are at the right place!

How would you describe your type of house and what are the advantages/disadvantages according to you?

We live in a townhouse (*herenhuis in Dutch), this is a huge advantage being in the middle of the city because of its spaciousness – which was exactly what we were looking for.

The house has many authentic elements, adding a lot of charm to it. Combined with our modern interior choices, it completes our style. Our garden isn't very large, but the central location of our home largely compensates. Our location in the city center gives us a lot of freedom, which is what we wanted and needed right now.

Have you renovated, and if so, what & when? 

No, we bought it as it is. We do plan to eventually renovate our garden to add more green, but that's not on the agenda right now.

Do you change your interior often and if so, where do you shop? 

We don't change our interior very often. Our house isn't extremely large on the ground floors, but it's very big in square meters, with three bedrooms and a very large workspace/studio. Our furniture is mainly from HAY, Espoo & some custom-made pieces.

Townhouse bathroom

How did you discover the My Ex Boyfriend store & what is your favorite product from our store/webshop?

We are both living in Mechelen and got to know Kat and Ben through our shared love for our local coffee bar, chez Yves @Kaffee-ine.

About our favorite products...
Xander: I'm a big fan of the #Avolt power extender. Normally, these kind of power cables are very ugly, but the Avolt is both practical and beautiful. Marie: I'm a big fan of the fanny packs from #PUC!

Which item from your interior would you quickly take with you if your house were on fire?

Xander: Our lamp from #MullerVanSeveren. But first, we'd need to find a drill to dismantle it. Marie: The painting by #FancoiseBeck.

Which brand/product/service related to your house/interior would you recommend to everyone? 

The table from #PieterBruurs and our housekeeper Alvard.

Workspot of De Beeldbakkerij

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