A Glimpse into the world of upcoming designers and their winter collections

Yesterday the 4th of September 2023, we visited Show Up, a fair dedicated to showcasing the talents of upcoming & established designers in Europe. The fair  provided us a wonderfull glimpse into the world of creativity & innovation of the Benelux for upcoming winter season!

The atmosphere was electric with the buzz of designers eager to present their new products and collections to the world. We saw a lot of neon colors & mirrored acrylics.

The joy of discovery

What makes events like "Show Up" so special for us is the discovery of new upcoming designs & designers. Brands that took our attention were La Miséto, Pamela Coromoto, Enamel, Gnitfee.nl, Azur, Harm & Elke, Hello August, Blokzeep, Aptiq & Kut Illustraties for new upcoming brands that is.

Anticipation for winter

In the coming months, keep an eye on our store for the arrival of these exceptional pieces, handpicked from the "Show Up" fair. We believe that they will not only enhance the beauty of your surroundings but also make your winter season all the more delightful.

Stay tuned for the arrival of these exquisite pieces in our store, and get ready to welcome winter in style!



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