Rainy days match Tuesdays… :( - thank god we had an amazing...

Rainy days match Tuesdays… :( - thank god we had an amazing lunch! :)

We received this tip from one of our #2800love colleagues. (#Kelliforpresident)

-For all of you who are planning a visit to LA. You must have lunch in “The Commissary”.   …The food, the interior, the people & the view… Really WAW!

The Commissary restaurant is located in Korea town in the line hotel, next to the restaurant there’s an outside pool and on the ground floor of the hotel you can find ‘Poketo’. If you don’t know it yet and you like the #myexboyfriendstore, you will definitely like this giftstore to!

From this point we drove to Mulholland drive since we wanted to see ‘the Hollywood sign from nearby. But once we arrived up on the hill we couldn’t see the sign due to, to many clouds. (Bummer)

We decided to go to the ‘mall’ (bad weather made us) - the Beverly center (and bought to much stuff at #COSstores). (Hooray for sales on winter clothes in a warm city … :D)

Afterwards we went to Melrose Avenue - Shopping paradise - !

We watched the goodbye speech of Obama on the street and we felt a little bit sad. Together with all americans that we met this trip we can’t believe that Trump is going to be the next president of this great nation. It’s just unbelievable… Thank god presidents can only stay for maximum 8 years. That’s the only thing positive that I can think of at the moment…