So today was a little bit of a strange day. I woke up really sick...

So today was a little bit of a strange day. I woke up really sick (apparently I have an infection on my balance organ… *hmmm) - imagine waking up on a fishing-boat…

So this morning, I was really grumpy and sad because in the evening I was invited to the opening of a new Pop Up Store -> ‘Tarmac’ in Aalst. And with my balance-distortion i wouldn’t be able to make it!  But after sleeping the entire day, i woke up at 7 P.M. feeling pretty ok. 

So, hooray! I could go! Happy Happy happy me.

Completely disorientated from sleeping the whole day I drove to Aalst.
And I was really blown away!

Wim and Iwein, the owners of the Tarmac store made a selection of 40 Belgian designers! And they did an amazing job!

Prints, t-shirts, high class fashion items, jewelry (silver, printed, wood…) furniture, home accessories, Illustrations, handbags and even more!

Here a selection of the finest things I ran into in the shop…

Really cool prints on t-shirts, tote bags and other items!

 already knew the designer of these really nice necklaces since our previous collaboration between My Ex Boyfriend and Moss pop up store in Antwerp.  (Check -> And i still love them a lot. She has an amazing eye for color!

3) Another jewelry designer
Geometric, nice colors, a lot of triangles! Completely my style! 

he really nice bike is made by the Fietserij - a social project in collaboration with the Teleshop. (You know them from 'de Kringloopwinkel’) 

5) This guy is a genius. He designs and creates furniture. And I saw this amazing coffeetable. Seriously the day I become rich, i’m going to contact this guy! :) 
If he reads this, maybe we should collaborate? No? :)

Bluette is a brand specialized in belts, based in Antwerp (Belgium). They design and produce fantastic leather belts. Every single item is handmade in their factory in Italy.

I really don’t know how to describe this one, so i suggest you check the website. (3D printing/ Butterflies/ …)

8)Eva Mouton - this girl is hilarious. (I don’t know her personally but with her cartoons on her blogpost it almost feels like i do. In Tarmac she sells really nice buttons. (And i’m definitely going back to buy the 'unemployed and energetic’ button) 

High standard jewelry.

10) Have you noticed my shitty writing yet? :D Just go and check the pop up store! => Pop up store

Open on Wed-Fri-Sat from 10-18hr.
Address = Pieter van Aelst gaanderij 24, 9300 Aalst

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