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Our last day in Copenhagen… ohhh how we loved this holiday…Today...

Our last day in Copenhagen… ohhh how we loved this holiday…

Today we walked around and did some shopping, we bought the Kinfolk home book at Dansk and a lot of really beautiful succulents in a flowershop in Vesterbrogade, the misses received a big -small- present from the boyfriend for her first ‘mothersday’ and we had some really nice conversations with friendly shopholders. We had the sun on our side again so we felt blessed to be outside.  We could tell the Copenhagers were happy to feel the sun after a very long period of grey days as well. Everybody was literally enjoying the fresh air & sun. (again!)

At noon we went back to the appartement to start packing our bags and to prepare the baby-lunch for our way back to Belgium.  After the baby nap we went to Nyhavn the touristic centre of Copenhagen. It felt like a mix of ‘de Beenhouwerstraat with de Graslei & a general Amsterdam touch. 

We passed the Ferm Living pop up shop (it’s open because they are celebrating their 10th anniversary from 6-28th of May 2016) & had dinner in Jaggers a very high class fast food restaurant with a very beautiful interior! 

Once we arrived back at the Airbnb a slightly sad emotion ran thru our hearts & minds. The week passed by much to fast, just like all good things also this holiday came to an end to soon. But we’ll be back, just like Schwarzenegger. 

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Our pedometer counted 18.593 steps or almost 12kilometers when we...

Our pedometer counted 18.593 steps or almost 12kilometers when we arrived at our appartement today. It would have been a euphemism to say our feet were ‘okay’ when we reached our home of the week, this evening.

Our tour of today started at the other side of the Tivoli theme park, we passed the ‘Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek’ an international art museum with a very beautiful facade. We then crossed the bridge and walked beside the water until we reached the ‘Noma’ Restaurant.

From there we went to Papiroen’; a very big industrial building filled with -yes it really is- food trucks!  This streetfood market is very popular and since we had a very sunny day, the place was very crowded outside. It felt great to see so many people enjoying the sun & the fresh air near the water. We drank some very nice Gin & Tonic’s and walked further.

From Papiroen we went to Christiana, the free state of Copenhagen. (Christiana, a hippie-community founded in the 1970′s…) we walked around and had some philosophical talks about tourism/ weed/ children/ entrepreneurship and other  life-related subjects. 

Afterwards we were to tired to have dinner in a restaurant so we ordered take away pizza and went to bed!

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This weekend we went to ‘De Invasie van Antwerpen’ (#Diva16) at...

This weekend we went to ‘De Invasie van Antwerpen’ (#Diva16) at Kattendijkdok in Antwerp.

It’s an exposition of upcoming talented creatives (-furniture, illustration, fashion, interior, jewellery…-designers) who are ready to conquer the world, or let’s say Belgium to begin with.
We saw some really nice designs and met some interesting people.

Almost 2,5 years ago we had the idea of designing and producing a furniture-line ourselves. At the same time a mutual friend introduced us to Ruben Deriemaeker, a very talented furniture designer, creator & maker.

After multiple brainstorms & meetings and after a lot of trial & errors… (not with Ruben!) We were very proud to see our very first object (the #Bam_nat coffeetable) at the venue! 
(// if you want to know more!)

Afterwards we hit the road to start our roadtrip-holiday to Copenhagen! First stop; Hamburg!
During our drive, we listened to the ‘Lost in the dream’ War on Drugs album and while the sun set and our daughter made ‘merry cooing’ sounds I realised how happy i am with my life.

I posted a picture on Facebook and somebody replied 'At moments like these you realise that the little things matter in life’… And in the blink of an eye I thought, little things? Little things? These are the biggest things I can imagin!

Much bigger then I ever could have imagined. ️

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