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This was our shopinterior for the festive season of 2017.So many...

This was our shopinterior for the festive season of 2017.

So many people payed us a visit, we can’t express our gratitude enough. THANK YOU! Thank you! Thank you!

 Hope we can make you happy again in 2018
& thanks for believing in us. We had a rough summer but winter made it all better. <3

Hugs & kisses, your My Ex Boyfriend team! 

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Some time ago I discovered the Instagram page of Mamoesjka_nl. A...

Some time ago I discovered the Instagram page of Mamoesjka_nl. A dutch girl with a passion for interior styling & decoration. I followed her Instagram profile and every day I discovered a new beautiful picture of her interior.  I decided to contact her and share her beautiful home on our blog.

When we do stylings or when we sell vintage pieces there are still a lot of people who ask us how they have to combine vintage pieces in their homes (without making it feel ‘old’) & a lot of people have questions when we talk about an ‘all white interior’ ‘wouldn’t it be to clean? Will it be ‘TO’ modern, or ‘maybe look like a hospital?’

Well for all you people who are doubting about these questions, look above. This beautiful home has a white base, but it’s still so playfull because of all the color accents. 

The bench in the living room is bright pink so the entire room becomes playful & cosy because of this. The blue lighting above the table is (again) a design by Studio Snowpuppe (check our previous post = here). It’s made out of a strong paper so the light is very warm. The drawing above the bench is by a designer called Marta Abad Blay. The bench was made by the ‘Mamoesjka’s husband’. (Feeling a little bit jealous about her handy-man.) :)

In her entire home she uses a lot of ‘wallpaper’ strokes instead of covering entire walls. This gives the house a fresh look instead of an impression of ‘to much’. She combines vintage elements with new products like they are a match made in heaven.

I could really live here, don’t you?
Thanks again to Ilona. -Yes that’s her real name- Fender, Bloom & Benjamin.

(And off course the husband for making the beautiful bench in the living room. I think we have a market for them, so if you ever want to sell them, give us a call ;))

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On a very windy-day we decided to go to ‘Brielle’ a cosy village...

On a very windy-day we decided to go to ‘Brielle’ a cosy village near Den Haag in the Netherlands. Our plan for today? Finding the right colors to make the Lily office chandelier shine bright like a diamond. (Whoop whoop!) :-)

A few months ago the very talented and oh so lovely people of the Lily shop & webshop in Mechelen came to us because they wanted to add some My ex boyfriend sparkle (Did I really just said that? :)) to their office space. They asked for some interior design help in 3 rooms. And we started working on their mayor office room. (’The photoshootroom’ & the ‘thisiswheretheladybossmagichappens-headoffice’ are in a state of ‘coming soon’…)

We named the room ‘The family office’. They had different desks and asked for a solution to make the office look a little bit more professional, creative and aligned. We decided to design an XXL desk in polish pine. All the ‘regular’ employees have their steady place but interns and freelancers can co-work on the big table. (Pictures are coming soon/ I promise!) They didn’t want to throw away their desks (Ecological as they are!) so we designed a table that could be placed upon the ‘old’ desks.

Besides this we decided to create a cork wall for some real-time Pinteresting-moadboards, a green plant-wall and a massive ‘playfull’ chandelier created with all these different Snowpuppe Moth, Moth Xl & Chestnut lights for right above their massive desk to create an impressive but still ‘light’ & welcoming feeling.

Today we chose a variation of all the different colors & shapes (they have so many different shapes, sizes & colors available - C-C-C Crazyyy!)
And since we were their we decided to use them in our permanent Myexboyfriendstore to. So expect some Snowpuppe magic in our new store! :)

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We’ve been featured by this lovely blogger Charlotte from...

We’ve been featured by this lovely blogger Charlotte from ScenebyC.
She made a selection of some really nice and stylish interieur items.

(Since we own the House Doctor wire-basket, the Ferm living flags, the cushions by De paepa and the candles ourselves - we can say we like her style ;)).

Check out her article and her blog! here=>

Thanks again Charlotte!

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