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Since we are still looking/renovating our #myexboyfriendstore in...

Since we are still looking/renovating our #myexboyfriendstore in Mechelen, it’s kinda lonely for me to work all by myself at home. I miss having colleagues, i miss having a chat and a laugh and also sometimes I don’t really manage to work consequent on our own projects. (Which is kinda frustrating when you are your own boss…) 

So…A few months ago I drove by a big building at the Schaarbeeklei in Vilvoorde and it made me smile because the name of the industry-building was ‘Firma’. (Company in english?) The look of the logo already made me assume a nice project was rising in my neighbourhood. *Feeling excited over here!

I then again forgot about it but yesterday it appeared on my Instagram timeline. 
(One of my friends followed a workshop here…) and I was intrigued by this new place with the pretty Instagram account! I checked their website for more info and apparently they organize free co-work Fridays -Hooray for ending my lonely-workdays at home maybe?- As some kind of test case for people who are not sure about co-working. (Yes, that’s me!)

This morning almost felt like I was going to my ‘new’ school…
(*awwwwkward… ;))

Once arrived, Anne from the blog + creative design agency Baroness O gave me a tour (since this building belongs to her family) and my fear (if i would make friends (*hihi) disappeared! It’s such an inspiring place with very friendly & creative people! (And it’s right next to my door!)

They organize inspiring workshops, have an amazing event space , at the end of April they will open a lunch space called ‘Cantina’ … they have ateliers (for all woodworkers & handy people!) AND they have an industrial-designed co-workingspace! For all you lonely entrepreneurs just like me… Check it out! 

On their website you can find this info:

“We dedicate over 2000 m2 to shared workshops, machines, tools, storage, studios, deskspace and an onsite café.
FIRMA is an affordable and flexible workspace built for independent makers, designers and small creative businesses.”

More info can be found on the website

Schaarbeeklei 636
1800 Vilvoorde

For all event-related questions (weddings, parties, business meetings and so on =

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On the 20th of June, we participated in a local vintage and...

On the 20th of June, we participated in a local vintage and designerstreet in Vilvoorde! We offered a variety of products such as the #snugstudio breadboard cloud, large wooden button and Abc poster. Illustrations, tote bags and cushions from #depaepa, more cushions from #studiolilesadi and stuff from #bloomingville. Aside from this we also offered a small selection of vintage furniture.

We spend the entire day with the lovely and most beautiful Sumeyye from Kif Kef (> we decided on presenting our products all together, her chairs, rugs and cushions match our style like it’s our own! (Check her webshop you’ll see!)

Although I think furniture and high class vintage home decorations are a little bit to expensive for the average market-customer, the spirit of the day was supahhhice! A lot of people came up to us to ask for co-working projects. (Wich I love!) and we sold enough to be break-even.

But the best part is all the compliments we received! No money could pay all the nice words we got! So a big THANK YOU to everybody who supports us, who came by and said hi, who bought something from us or who gave us a smile! We send good karma, your way!

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