On the 20th of June, we participated in a local vintage and...

On the 20th of June, we participated in a local vintage and designerstreet in Vilvoorde! We offered a variety of products such as the #snugstudio breadboard cloud, large wooden button and Abc poster. Illustrations, tote bags and cushions from #depaepa, more cushions from #studiolilesadi and stuff from #bloomingville. Aside from this we also offered a small selection of vintage furniture.

We spend the entire day with the lovely and most beautiful Sumeyye from Kif Kef (http://www.kifkef.be)=> we decided on presenting our products all together, her chairs, rugs and cushions match our style like it’s our own! (Check her webshop you’ll see!)

Although I think furniture and high class vintage home decorations are a little bit to expensive for the average market-customer, the spirit of the day was supahhhice! A lot of people came up to us to ask for co-working projects. (Wich I love!) and we sold enough to be break-even.

But the best part is all the compliments we received! No money could pay all the nice words we got! So a big THANK YOU to everybody who supports us, who came by and said hi, who bought something from us or who gave us a smile! We send good karma, your way!