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Planthanger - Single Light Pink

Planthanger - Single Light Pink


With this magnetic plant hanger you get a subtle eye-catcher in your home in which green is the focus. Even if you are or know someone who has just discovered their green fingers, this is the perfect Wallflower to start with. The Muurbloempje can be attached to wall paint (water-based), wood, ceramic materials, glass and metal. Finish it off with cuttings or (dry) flowers.

Tip: Combine Wallflowers in different colors for a playful effect! 

Product specifications
Dimensions: Ø 1.6 x 15 cm

Material: glass

Note: Wallflowers come with a separate magnet with self-adhesive tape that must be attached to the wall. Never let this magnet collide with the Wallflower's magnet uncontrollably before you have attached it to the wall. The magnet can then shatter.

How to attach?