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Sofa - Dunbar 2 seater
Sofa - Dunbar 2 seater
Sofa - Dunbar 2 seater
Sofa - Dunbar 2 seater
Sofa - Dunbar 2 seater
Sofa - Dunbar 2 seater

Sofa - Dunbar 2 seater


HERO - 481

If you're looking for a super comfortable design sofa, Dunbar is your perfect match. Sturdy yet soft - thanks to its luxurious feather-filled top. If you want to know more about Dunbar, read below for more info.

Designed by Martin Hirth
  • Made In: Europe
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Total width: 201 cm
  • Total depth: 103 cm
  • Total height: 69 cm
  • Seat depth: 62 cm
  • Seat height: 40 cm
  • Arm height: 69 cm
  • Material frame: beech wood/ hard board/ wooden slats/ nosag suspension
  • Material seat: cold foam HR3032 covered with feathers and silicon fibres
  • Material back: cold foam HR1818 covered with feather and silicon fibres
  • Material legs: plastic
  • Colour legs: black
  • Connection: easy coupling system

Treat it right
We want you to enjoy your FEST item for years and years to come. But did you know you can help your furniture stay in shape? Let us tell you more:

Location, location, location!
Your item is not a big fan of direct sunlight and heat. So do your furniture a favour and keep it away from sunny spots and radiators as much as possible. Keep it clean You can easily clean your furniture with a vacuum cleaner on low power, using a soft brush.

Shake it!
From time to time, your couch and chair cushions need some tough love to keep them in shape. To start, simply punch and bang at the seat and back cushions. It's ok to be a little bit aggressive here, but be careful with sharp nails and jewellery. Continue punching from one end to the other end and make sure you don't miss a spot. Once you're done, find the centre of the seat and smooth the fabric from the centre point to the edges.

Did you spot a stain? Don't panic! Immediately blot the stain with a clean, dry white cloth. Please do not rub. If the dry cloth doesn’t do the trick, use a damp white cloth to blot the stain. Please do not use any detergent and make sure to use distilled water to reduce the risk of water stains.

Is your item treated with Protexx stain protection? Perfect! Please call the phone number on the Protexx certificate that came with your order and a stain expert will assist you in removing the stain.

in our Care Guide you'll find all the advice on how to keep your FEST furniture pretty for as long as possible. Find it