The 500 Hidden Secrets of Barcelona

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In The 500 Hidden Secrets of Barcelona Mark Cloostermans shares 500 must-know addresses in the capital of Catalonia, such as one of the best seafood restaurants in town where all customers sit at the bar and the team prepares the food as you watch, a Benedictine monastery that was (re)built and destroyed multiple times and now serves as an oasis of other-worldly calm amid the neighbourhood buzz and a square with a sad past that now is a haven of piece in a tourist-heavy zone.

The concept remains unchanged: 500 addresses and facts that few people know presented in original lists of 5 - incl. maps & index.

Release date                    March 21st 2016
Language                         English
Finish                               Softcover
Format                             12 x 18 cm
#pages                             256

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